Weredevil — Chapter Ten

by Arnold Snyder


The following morning, Uncle Luke picked us up in his Caddy and brought us to Donny’s Grill, a local café. Apparently, my bacon nausea was a thing of the past. The aroma of bacon was wafting through the restaurant and it smelled delicious.

I noticed that the hostess at the front podium, the cashier, the short order cook behind the counter, and a suited manager who was talking with customers at one of the tables, were all devils. I also saw my Uncle Jeffrey seated at the counter and he winked at me as we passed by him.

Uncle Luke led us through the restaurant to a small private banquet room where a group of other kids were already waiting at a long table. I recognized a few of the kids, but not all. I counted eleven, including me. We all had patterned skin. We were the weredevils.

Uncle Luke made cursory introductions, basically pointing to each kid in turn as we said our names. Then he instructed us to order whatever we wanted for breakfast. A waitress came in, another devil, and I ordered pancakes with syrup and bacon, the same as Uncle Luke.

Nobody in our group was talking. We all wanted to know what this was about, but we had to let Uncle Luke do it his way. We ate quietly, all thinking the same thoughts.

I kept looking at the girls, pretending not to look at them. But they caught my eyes. I know Brandi did a few times. She was at the other end of the table so I couldn’t speak to her easily. We waved at each other.

I was curious to know who all the other kids were, other than Brandi and my sister Lola, and two kids I recognized as my cousins, Gabriel and Amber, Uncle Jeffrey’s kids. And there was Curtis, a kid I’d known from school since first grade, but had never really talked to him. Never would have guessed him to be a devil. He was about six inches shorter than any of the other guys in our grade, but the girls all liked him and thought he was cute.

I wasn’t hungry. I hardly tasted the pancakes. I was so excited about meeting all these devils my age that I pretty much just sat there in awe looking at them one at a time. It’s like we were in a secret club.

Uncle Luke told a few lame jokes.

When we’d finished eating and after Uncle Luke had instructed the waitress to leave the coffee pots and disappear, he stood up to address us.

“The eleven of you are very special devils,” he said. “God did not create you as devils. I did. You have many advantages over humans, and more than a few advantages over other devils. You’re able to travel in Hell freely and we’re going to take advantage of that ability to free the humans that God has incarcerated there.”

“The humans?” a tall lanky blond kid said.

“Yes, Emilio,” Uncle Luke said.

“What do you mean ‘travel’?” Amber said. “I can’t do anything in Hell except try and figure out how to open my eyes.” My cousin Amber was a redhead. She was sitting next to Curtis. She was short like him and cute like him, too. I only saw Amber a few times a year at family functions. She flirted with me, but she was my cousin so I’d pretty much ignored it in the past. Now I wasn’t so sure I’d ignore it anymore. Of course, I hadn’t spoken yet with my ethics instructor.

“I was just like you when I was first cast into Hell,” Uncle Luke said, “alone and confused, while being subjected to intolerable horrors—and there was no way to open your eyes and make it go away back then. It never went away. But here we are, not in Hell. We used one of God’s more brilliant creations—science. We not only discovered methods of travel, we found a way out. Don’t worry. I’ll have you traveling in no time. You already know how to get in and out. You’ve got the hard part mastered.”

“How many humans are we going to save, Uncle Luke?” Gabriel asked.

“In time, all of them, but we’re going to start with one. Getting the first human out of Hell is going to be a complex operation. There will be nothing simple about it. To start with, we’ve got to go down into the torture chambers to see what form of torture our target is being subjected to, then we’ve got to quickly formulate a plan. Now I’ve already visited our first target, so I know what the torture is and pretty much what the plan is. But forms of torture often change and my plan may have to be altered on the spot.”

“How many human souls are in Hell, Uncle Luke?” Amber said.

“Every human who’s died since the dawn of creation. In round numbers, somewhat more than a hundred billion.”

“Then how can we bring them all back to Earth?” I said. “The planet can’t hold that many people.”

“Oh, Sebastian, you always have to be the practical one. We’ll build high rises. The Earth’s population capacity is far beyond a few hundred billion if we build high rises. And after we get all the humans out, we’ll start working on the prehistoric humans, the apes from which humans sprang.”

“Are you saying there are apes in Hell?” Angel said.

“Not only apes, but all animals, all sentient life forms that have died on Earth are now in Hell.”

“Dogs?’ I said. “Cats?”

“Yes, yes, all animals,” he said.

I looked at Lola and she looked at me. I mouthed the words, Buttons is going to Hell.

She didn’t think it was funny.

“But eventually we’re going to get every life form out of Hell,” Uncle Luke continued, “including the fish, insects, birds, plants—”

“Plants?” I said. This was getting too crazy.

“Yes, Sebastian, plants are sentient beings. God enjoys torturing plants as much as any other life form.”

“But Unc,” I said, “a couple hundred thousand people die every day on this planet. And if every one of those human souls is destined for Hell, then every day the population of Hell goes up by a couple hundred thousand humans, not to mention however many animals and plants. So even if we got a couple hundred thousand people out every single day, we’d just be keeping up with the human death toll, and we wouldn’t make a dent in the hundred billion humans already there. And even if you have all those high rises, how can the planet feed that many people? That’s too many people. And then there’s all the animals.”

“Sebastian, you’re getting ahead of yourself. All of the obstacles you raise are figured into my plan. And the world has never seen high rises like those I’m imagining. Our problem won’t be dealing with the dead people we bring back, but dealing with the humans living on Earth right now. They’re not very open to new ideas, especially ideas that might shake up some of their core beliefs.”

“Like their planet is infested with giant snakes?” I said.

“I’d prefer not to think of us as an infestation,” Uncle Luke said. “We’re a group of benefactors that are about to turn the cesspool of existence here into paradise.”

“How many devils are on Earth right now?” Amber asked. “And how many weredevils?”

“Those of us who started out as Cherubim are a significant percentage of the Earth’s population right now. Leave it at that. As for weredevils, you eleven are the first to make it to puberty and through your first transformations. There are thousands more, millions planetwide, that will begin transforming in the near future. You won’t be lonely for friends.

“Now, the purpose of this get-together … Some ground rules for the party … Do not eat on Sunday morning. Your parents all know this and I’m sure they’ll explain to you that you will not be having breakfast before or after church. Wear comfortable clothes, not your church clothes. Other than that, just make sure you come on time for the main event, which will take place just as soon as I see that all eleven of you are present. Are there any questions?”

A fat kid with black wavy hair put up his hand.

“No need to raise your hand, Brent,” Uncle Luke said.

“Why do we have to go through Hell every time we transform,” Brent said, “but our parents can transform without going to Hell? That doesn’t seem fair.”

“There is an explanation for that,” Uncle Luke said, “but we’ll save it for later. Any other questions?”

Damn! I wanted to know the answer to that.

“What if God finds out?” Brandi said. “What then?” That was the gnawing question we were all afraid to ask. She looked at me and wrinkled her nose.

She was the only girl in this room whose pussy I’d actually seen, even though it was from behind, and she had to know I’d seen it and now she was flirting with me.

“Obviously, that would be very bad for all of us,” Uncle Luke said. “So, we’re going to operate on the premise that he won’t find out. When we get our first human out of Hell, we’ll have a secret weapon, and we’ll be on our way to success. But I’ll talk to you about my Master Plan in more detail after the weredevil party.”

One of the girls I didn’t recognize raised her hand.

“This isn’t school, Angel,” Uncle Luke said. “You don’t have to raise your hand to speak. What’s up?”

“Can I go to the restroom?” she said. Angel had short brown hair, kind of a pixie cut that made her look like a tomboy.

“Me too,” my sister piped up, already pushing her seat back to get up.

“Yes, of course,” Uncle Luke said. “No need to ask.”

And with that, all six girls at the table got up and walked out together.

That left us five male weredevils and Uncle Luke.

“You know they’re just going out to talk about us,” Gabriel said.

“So, why don’t we talk about them?” Emilio said. “Who was the girl with the big rack?”

“Now, boys, let’s not get too graphic here,” Uncle Luke said. “They’ll be back here in a minute or two.”

“That was Tiffany,” Gabriel said, then added, “Uncle Luke, are we going to get to fuck all these girls?”

“Yeah,” Emilio said, “That’s what I wanna know.”

“Now, boys, I wasn’t planning on having this conversation with you just yet. I know you’re interested in sex, and as devils you’ll find you’re even more interested in sex than human teenagers are. I assume you’ve all figured out how to masturbate.”

“Figured out?” Brent said. “Hell, I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop.”

“Now, Brent, and all of you boys, don’t stop. For a weredevil, masturbation is the key to health. And to answer Gabriel’s original question … Yes. You will all get to fuck all of the girls. But not yet. For now, you have to wait.”

“We get to fuck all of them?” Emilio said. “You mean I personally will fuck all six of those girls?”

“Every one of you will,” Uncle Luke said matter-of-factly. “Devils have different feelings about sex than humans do. You don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. We can’t get them. And you won’t have to worry about getting a girl pregnant. An embryo can’t survive without a soul. God saw to that. And unless I’m there to put the soul into the body, sex is just entertainment.”

“You put souls into bodies?” Brent said.

“We’ll talk about that later,” Uncle Luke said.

“What about me, Unc?” I said. He’d said each of us would fuck every girl, but I wanted to know if by “every” girl he meant I’d be fucking my cousin, Amber, and even my sister, Lola. Before I could phrase my whole question, however, the door to the banquet room swung open and the girls started pouring in, jabbering about some hunky devil they saw out in the main room of the diner.

Now was not the time to ask my question. But I looked at each of the girls in a whole new light. I would soon be fucking every one of them. Angel and Crystal. Brandi and Amber. Tiffany and maybe even my sister, Lola.

This devil thing was getting better all the time.

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