Weredevil — Chapter Nine

by Arnold Snyder


I took a shower as soon as I got home. I spent a long time in the bathroom, looking in the mirror at the scale patterns on my face and chest, then examining my entire body. The patterns were everywhere, arms, legs, even my dick. Most of the scrapes and bruises I’d acquired that afternoon were already disappearing. I felt I’d known all my life I wasn’t human, but now I could see with my own eyes how different I was.

I was also surprised to learn how many humans were actually devils. I took a walk after dinner. It was a pleasant evening and a lot of neighbors were out in their front yards. There were three devil families on the street where I lived. A few of the adults nodded and smiled at me. I knew their secret now and they knew I knew.

I talked to Lola about it when I got home.

“Wait’ll you see,” she said. “One of the St. Judas priests is a devil—Father Boniface.”

“That’s the one who gives Mom’s favorite sermons—Now I get it!”

“Some of the nuns are devils too.”

“Chad’s a devil,” I said. Chad was a ten-year-old kid who lived two doors down. I’d just seen him walking out of his house and saw the patterns on his skin.”

“I know, but he won’t find out for a couple more years,” she said.

“So, is Brett a devil?” I asked.

“Wait till you see him,” she said. “He has this unbeliev-able coloring.”

I knew it. “What about Lilith?” I said.

“Lilith? You mean the girl who shaved her pubes into a cross? No. She’s just a girl, bound for Hell and she doesn’t even know it.”

Any interest I had in Lilith immediately died. A pussy without scale patterns would hardly be worth looking at, even with a pubic cross. Then I thought about my porn hobby.

“Can you see the patterns in photographs?” I said.


So much for my hobby, but I didn’t care. I was going to be fucking real devil pussies pretty soon. Porn was for amateur bad guys. I’m a fucking devil!

“You can’t see them in videos or movies either,” Lola said. “Mom said some movie stars are devils, but she wouldn’t tell me which ones. Dad told me you can see our patterns in holograms.”

I couldn’t care less about seeing patterns in holograms. I wanted to see patterns on girls’ bodies. I remembered feeling just a short time earlier disappointed, maybe even depressed that I wasn’t a normal human. How could I have felt that way? I’m about to embark on a life of fucking devil girls, starting with …

“Uncle Luke says we’re going to fuck,” Lola said.

“Yeah, I know, but right now I would feel way to creeped out to be fucking you.”

“Me too. Let’s change the subject.”

So much for that. But now, when I looked at Lola I started seeing her as a potential how can I put this? Damn but Lola was really truly one fine babe. I had to look away.

“So, do Mom and Dad go through Hell every time they transform?” I said.

“They don’t have to do that. They can just change back and forth whenever they want to. Mom told me she hasn’t been to Hell for a long time. I don’t think she meant years. I think she meant centuries. Or eons.”

“Are we going to get like that?”

“I wish … She said we’re a different kind of devil. We always have to go through Hell to transform, and we’ll go back to Hell when we die.”

“It’s not fair,” I said.

She shrugged. “It is what it is.”

I slept surprisingly well that night, considering all my trips to Hell that day. No insomnia, no nightmares. I awoke in the morning feeling refreshed.

I dressed quickly and went down to the kitchen and for the first time saw my family’s true colors, the beautiful scale patterns on all of their skin. Something was brewing because my mother, father and sister were all standing around facing each other and I felt like I’d interrupted a discussion.

“Don’t mind me,” I said. “Is there any orange juice?”

My mother got the OJ from the fridge.

“Why’s everybody standing?” I said. “Something wrong with the kitchen table?”

“We were just discussing the weredevil party for you and your sister,” my father said. “Uncle Luke says there are a few other kids in the area who’ve transformed for the first time this year. So, we’re thinking of making it a big event.”

My immediate thought was that Brandi would likely be one of the kids he was talking about. I sat down with my orange juice. “What’s a weredevil party?” I said, taking a big gulp.

“This will be the first one ever,” my mother said. “It’ll just be a casual gathering where we all become snakes and spend a few hours frolicking with a lot of fruit, and just celebrating our devilhood. We’re probably going to make it an annual tradition. You and your sister and a few other kids are the first devils ever to be born on Earth. Uncle Luke calls you weredevils. Soon, there will be lots more.”

“But weren’t you and Dad born on Earth?”

“Not like you guys,” my mother said. “We were created in Heaven before Earth even existed. “You guys came into existence right here.”

I looked at Lola to see what she thought of all this. She had a knowing smile on her face, gloating.

“When’s this big party?” I asked.

“This Sunday,” my mother said.

“But Dad says we still have to go to church,” Lola put in, guessing my thoughts when my face no doubt lit up.

“Why?” I said. “If we’re devils, what do we need church for? I always hated church. Now I know why.”

“We have to keep up appearances,” my father said quickly. “There’s no arguing about that. Even Uncle Luke goes to church every Sunday. The party will be after church.”

“Tell him about the announcement, Mom,” Lola said.

“What announcement?” I asked.

“Your Unc is going to be making a special announcement at the party about his Master Plan. But I don’t know any details so don’t bother asking me. It’s something he’s been working on for a long time. And don’t tell him you heard it from me, but it involves you, Sebastian, and your sister. And you may even hear about it tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow?”

“Your Unc is picking you and Lola up in the morning and taking you both to breakfast. Don’t ask me why. He just told me to have you up and ready by seven a.m.”

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