Weredevil — Chapter Eleven

by Arnold Snyder


We were gathered in Paradise Hall, a convention space owned by Mr. Harrison, one of the devils who was also an usher at St. Judas Church. Paradise Hall was located downtown on the outskirts of the business district. It was primarily rented out for conventions, seminars, and self-help groups. Today’s event was listed on the Paradise Hall calendar as the Acme and Acme, Inc. Convention. But it was really us, the local devils, gathered for the first weredevil celebration and also to hear more of Uncle Luke’s Master Plan that he’d promised to unveil.

The main convention room was huge. The sign inside the front door said: Maximum Occupancy 2,064

And the place was filled. Packed. It was hard to maneuver through the crowd. And everyone in the crowd had scale patterns. All seemed friendly and excited to be there with so many other devils. People were hugging and talking excitedly. Everyone I passed—including many I’d never met before—smiled at me and congratulated me for being one of the first weredevils. I felt like some kind of star.

But there were no kids, not little kids. The whole crowd was adults, except for us few teenagers who’d only recently learned we were devils.

I was continually scanning the crowd for Brandi, considering asking her if she wanted to sneak out with me and get together as humans. I had this thing plotted out. When my family got out of our station wagon in the Paradise Hall parking lot, I purposely unlocked the back door on my side after my dad had clicked the doors locked. I was thinking in terms of a make-out session and maybe she’d even let me finger her. I’d never touched a pussy in my life, and today could be the day.

The thought of returning to Hell, even to become a snake was scaring me. I loved being a snake with Brandi, but I didn’t want to go back to Hell. It wasn’t worth it to me just to be a snake. The thought of being coerced into going to Hell disturbed me. I was terrified of getting stuck there. Each succeeding visit had been more horrifying than the previous. Now I was being pushed back into Hell by social pressure and I felt a need to assert myself. I didn’t want to be at this damn party.

But where was Brandi?

It was difficult to look over the crowd because I was not at a high enough elevation. Long tables were set up in the center of the room, all filled with trays and platters and baskets of fruit. To me that meant one thing: Many in the crowd—if not all—were going to be transforming before the afternoon was over. What would it be like to be in such a huge crowd of devils, all in snake form?

I bumped into Curtis. He had been in my seventh-grade class and would likely be in eighth grade with me when school started up again in a couple days. His face lit up when he saw me.

“Hey, Sebastian! This is so cool! Did you hear about the secret passageway to the Hollows?”

“Hi, Curtis,” I said. The patterns on his face were like waves, no angles or hard edges like mine and my family’s.

“My name’s Deco,” he said. “Nobody calls me Curtis anymore.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. Everyone at school knew his nickname, but I’d never talked to him before and the nuns always called him Curtis in class.

“Did you hear about it?” he said. “The Hollows?”

“What Hollows?”

“Under the city,” he said. “There’s a passage to the caves that are right below us. Right here in the middle of downtown. We can get into the earth and the caves go on for hundreds of miles. It’s called the Hollows.”

“Where is it?” I said.

“C’mon, I’ll show you.”

He was a quiet kid, like me, but he always seemed to have a crazy smile on his face. Like he knew something. Now I felt a warmth and kinship with him. We were both weredevils; we were immediate friends, confidants, and coconspirators.

He led me through the crowd to a short hallway that led from the main conference room into a large modern kitchen fitted with multiple stoves and ovens, refrigerators, sinks, counters—all in brushed stainless steel. But the lights were out and there were no people there.

He stopped in front of a row of four ovens, similar in every way except for the oven door on the far left that had an Out of Order sign dangling from the door handle.

“This one’s not a real oven,” he said. “You can go through this door to a stairway that leads down into the secret hall basement that nobody knows about and there’s a trap door in the floor that goes into the Hollows.”

“Show me,” I said.

“I can’t open the oven door. I don’t know the trick yet.”

I pulled on the oven door handle but it was tightly closed and wouldn’t budge. I tried twisting the handle various ways but it didn’t budge no matter how much muscle I put into it. I gave up trying. “How’d you find out about it?” I said.

“This is where I came for my first transformation,” he said. “My dad brought me here.”

“What do you think of this whole weredevil thing?” I said.

He shrugged. “It’s pretty weird,” he said. “But there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s who we are.”

“But every day for our whole lives, the nuns have been teaching us that devils are bad. Now we find out we’re devils.”

“Yeah, and devils aren’t bad,” he said. “God’s bad. Who’d a thunk it?”

“And what about sins?” I said. “Are there any sins anymore?”

“I asked my mom about that,” he said. “She said the only sin is to act like God.”

“How does someone act like God?”

He ignored my question. “Uncle Luke said the weredevils would have special powers,” he said, “that even the devils don’t have. But I can’t do anything special. I can go to Hell and get out of Hell, but that’s all. And I hate going to Hell.”

“Me too,” I said. “You want to skip out today?”

“My mom said we have to go to Hell today so we can transform. We’re going down to the Hollows with all the other snakes.”

“Yeah, but we could skip out?” I said. “We could just take off and do something else. No one will miss us. I hate Hell.”

“My dad would kill me.”

There was a screech of microphone feedback from the main room. Then Uncle Luke’s deep baritone sounded over the booming mic: “Testicles, testicles, yes, gentlemen we’ll be losing them soon as we transform for the party segment of the evening. Until then, demons and devils, we have some business to take care of, so quit your blabbing and listen up.”

I didn’t want to skip out of the party alone. I still hoped I could find Brandi to see if she’d do it with me. She was the one I really wanted to go with.

“Let’s go, Deco,” I said, already hurrying back to the main room to hear Uncle Luke. He was standing on the stage across the hall from us, but the sound system made his voice loud and clear.

“One of the reasons we’re here tonight is to celebrate eleven weredevils—eleven who, having reached the age of maturity, passed through Hell, discovered their inner vipers, and came back through Hell to rejoin us—as human impersonators. I’m going to ask all eleven of our weredevils to join me here on stage as I call your names: Crystal, Sebastian, Emilio, Tiffany, Gabriel, Amber, Brandi, Lola, Angel, Brent and Deco.”

I looked around for Brandi. As I made my way through the crowd, I saw her going up the short stairway on the other side of the stage. Was it too late to ask her?

“And in addition to the right of passage for our weredevils tonight,” Uncle Luke continued, “I am also going to explain my plan for … well, for changing the world as we know it. We have a very exciting future ahead of us.”

I climbed the four-step stairway to the stage along with the other weredevils. My sister Lola waved to me.

Brandi came and stood beside me. She was smiling and acting flirty. Yes!

“Every one of these weredevils has been to Hell and back twice,” Uncle Luke went on.

“Except for you,” Brandi whispered to me. “You’ve been there four times.”

How did she know that? Does Uncle Luke tell Mavis everything about my life?

“And tonight,” said Uncle Luke, “our eleven weredevils are going to join us in our monthly Wallow in the Hollows. Before we transform, however, I’m going to explain to our rookies the prime code of behavior we all follow in order to keep our existence here as pleasant as possible.”

He turned to face us, smiling in the conspiratorial way he often smiled. “I hope you guys are ready for life as devils,” he said. “There is one rule we all follow, as I’ve explained to each of you individually already, but will now state publicly:  Never tell anyone you’re a devil. The devils in your world will already know, and the non-devils need never know.

“I’m proud of all of you for making it to Hell and back. And I’m proud of your parents for bringing you into being. Since your first transformations, which enabled your eyes to see the devils around you, you’ve probably noticed that a substantial number of people in this world are devils. As a matter of fact, we are now about six percent of the human population on Earth. We are everywhere.”

He turned to face the crowd. “Did you hear that?” he said into the mic. “Six percent of the world’s human population.”

A woman’s voice from somewhere deep in the crowd rang out. “Let’s shoot for a hundred!”

There was a rumbling of approval in the crowd.

“I know how you feel, Angela!” Uncle Luke said when the buzzing in the crowd had died down. “There are way too many humans on the planet.”

I briefly tried to figure out how many devils were on the Earth if Uncle Luke was correct that we were six percent of the planet’s human population. Let’s see, six percent of seven billion … I rounded the number in my head to about 400 million devils. Holy shit.

“As many of you know, it has been fifteen years since any Cherubim has been in Hell,” Uncle Luke continued. “We have all successfully escaped to this planet, unknown to God, just as our hopes and desires have always been unknown to God. It wasn’t until that last devil was released from Hell that we began procreating here on Earth—something we never thought we’d be able to do. And these eleven weredevils are the first fruits of our labors.”

“Speaking of fruit—” a male voice yelled out.

“You have a one-track mind, Jason,” Uncle Luke mock-scolded the heckler.

“Let’s wallow!” yelled another male voice.

There was pandemonium in the crowd at this suggestion.

“Not yet,” Uncle Luke said.  “Hold your horses. We’ve still got our weredevils to deal with, and I have one more announcement.”

The crowd settled down but there was an ecstatic excitement in the air.

“As you know, I have been working on a plan to get the humans out of Hell. I’m not going to rest until we get all of the humans out of Hell. Every last one of them.”

This got a murmur out of the crowd.

“Why?” a deep male voice rang out.

“Because they don’t deserve their sentence any more than we did,” Uncle Luke answered quickly.

This raised the level of the murmur.

“But they’re dangerous!” a female voice in back of the room yelled.

“Only because they have been victimized like us. But let’s have that conversation at our next planning session. Tonight is for celebration. We have eleven new devils with us tonight. Devils not created by God, but by us, fully functioning eternal beings.”

And just like that, the mood of the crowd became jubilant again.

For the first time it was dawning on me how special we were, the first devils not created by God. All of the angels created by God, including the fallen, had no reproductive organs. But Lucifer had discovered a way devils could reproduce by taking human form.

We were the first offspring, but hundreds more would be coming after us. Thousands. Millions. There were already 400 million devils that God created on Earth. How many devils that the devils created would there be?

I saw there was no way to sneak out with Brandi now. We were on stage with Uncle Luke. We were part of a ceremony. All eyes upon us. The whole crowd was going to watch our transformations.

It struck me that I should have stuck to my original plan and found Brandi earlier, instead of going to the kitchen with Deco. I blew my chance. Now, I have to go to Hell. Again. To become a snake. And I’ll have to come back through Hell once more to return to human form. I felt defeated just thinking about it. I’m scared to death of Hell.

“Weredevils,” Uncle Luke said in a smooth sexy voice, “remove your clothes.”

Why don’t they prepare us for this? Why don’t they tell us in advance what’s going to happen? Now we’re all going to be standing here naked on the stage in front of however many thousand devils are in this convention hall. And they’re going to watch us transform into snakes—watch us go through Hell, literally—and there’s no way out. We are the night’s enter-tainment.

Do these Cherubim devils have any idea how much I don’t want to go back to Hell? They’re luring me with nubile young maidens, so perhaps they do have some idea, but even then, I don’t want to go back to Hell. I’ve had my fill of that disgusting place.

Talk about peer pressure, social pressure, I wanted to scream I DON’T WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE!

I was the last one to start undressing. The girls did it fast, but the boys all took their time. Except for Emilio. He just threw his clothes off and started talking to the naked girls like it was the most natural thing in the world. Much as I wanted to see all the girls’ pussies, I couldn’t even look at them. What if my dick got hard?

“What you’re going to discover today, weredevils,” Uncle Luke announced, “is that going to Hell with another devil to hold onto is much easier than going it alone. Each of you are going to have a partner on this trip. Someone to hold onto. I think you’ll like it. I think you’ll like it a lot.”

How can he just spring this on us?

“Each of you pair up with another weredevil,” Uncle Luke said, “And face each other with your arms around each other. Oh, yes, and lie down on the floor. If you don’t, you might fall and injure yourself. Always remember to transform from a comfortable position on the ground.”

Oh, my god. We were all naked. Deco was already sitting on the floor naked and holding hands with Tiffany and my sister Lola who were naked as well. Two girls! He had that crazy smile on his face.

Emilio was with my cousin Gabriel, but they both looked like they were trying to find someone else, maybe of the opposite sex. My cousin Amber was with Crystal, but they had come in together and were now holding hands. Brent and Angel were together and already lying down and wrapped around each other. I had a feeling they may have had something going before.

The only one left, besides me, was Brandi. She was naked, standing right beside me and looking at me.

This is a setup. They are offering me Brandi to go to Hell. They want me to accept this as a friendly gesture. I looked at her. Naked. Holy shit. Hell, here I come.

Everyone else was already holding hands but we were just looking at each other.

I grabbed her hands in mine.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said.

“I didn’t say hold hands,” Uncle Luke said softly into the mic. “I said with your arms around each other. And lying down, not sitting. Not standing.”

There was laughter in the crowd of devils who were watching us, but no laughter on the stage. I tried to pay no attention to the fact that we were being watched.

Brandi and I quickly got down on the floor and wrapped our arms around each other. Already I could feel my erection awakening. This isn’t fair.

“Okay, weredevils,” came Uncle Luke’s mellifluous drone, “Close your eyes and fall into Hell.”

“I’m terrified,” Brandi said. “Why are they making us do this?”

My eyes were closed. I could feel her breasts against my chest, my dick coming to attention on her belly. How the hell do I fall into Hell? This is pure pleasure, like the opposite of Hell.

Then it started, that falling sensation. Yes, this is definitely it. I’m falling at a dizzying speed, but I still feel Brandi, like I’m smothered in Brandi and it is the most pleasurable illusion, if that’s what it is. I’m not going to fight it.

The feeling of exhilaration came to a jolting halt when it suddenly appeared that Brandi and I were alone in a small room, no furniture, no windows, just a bare square room like a cell. We were both standing, naked, facing each other from a distance of about six feet. I don’t know how we ended up in a standing position, and so far apart. The last I recalled, we were lying on the stage floor with our arms wrapped around each other’s torsos.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. Oh, yes. Totally smooth.

“If this is Hell,” I said, “I like it.”

“Thank you for not taking another partner,” she said. “I waited for you. But do you have to stare at my …?”

“Sorry,” I said, looking up to meet her eyes. “It’s just so …”

She locked her eyes onto mine and took a step closer to me. “What are we supposed to do down here?” she said.

“I don’t know,” I said, not daring to look down at her body again. “My plan before I saw you was to find you so we could skip out of the convention hall and just go do something else. I didn’t want to go through Hell again. Now it’s not so bad. Is this even Hell?”

“I would have gone with you,” she said. “I really didn’t want to go to Hell again either. Did your parents tell you about where we came from?”

“What do you mean? They’re devils and we’re their children.”

“Did you know we used to be human?” she said.

“I was never human. Both of my parents were Cherubim, created as angels before time even existed.”

“Yes, your parents are devils as are mine. But weredevils are different. Our souls were once human souls. This is how Uncle Luke is getting the humans out of Hell. We’re the first batch.”

“How do you know that?”

“My mom and Auntie Mavis explained everything to me. When the devils first came to Earth and discovered they could have sex when they were in human form, they couldn’t have children, because a child can’t be born without a soul. Some human biology rule God made. So, when the Cherubim had sex, the females’ eggs were fertilized by the males’ sperm, but the fetus always died, before it even began developing. Uncle Luke realized it was because there was no soul and only God can create a soul. By the time Uncle Luke got most of the Cherubim out of Hell and living on Earth, he’d started experimenting by taking human souls from Hell and putting them into the fertilized devil eggs, and … we’re the result.”

“I can’t remember being a different human before I was born,” I said. “I can’t remember being anything at all before I was born.”

“None of us can. Uncle Luke was afraid that the human souls would remember their pasts, but none of us has. Not yet anyway. I keep trying to remember being a human on this planet but I can’t. Some of the Cherubim are nervous about us. They don’t think Uncle Luke should be bringing humans back from Hell.”

“Why not?”

“Humans have a tendency to get weird. They create crazy belief systems by which they torment each other. Some of the devils think Uncle Luke has made a big mistake in creating us. They’re not all as thrilled with our existence as they put on. They’re worried we’ll start acting like humans. They think Uncle Luke should have left us all in Hell.”

“Oh, great, so we have enemies among the devil population. Are there any statistics on how many devils are pro versus anti weredevils?”

My eyes kept going down to scope out her breasts. I wondered if she’d let me touch them or even just look at them real close. I felt my dick jump and she looked down briefly, then looked away.

Shit. She saw that.

“The polls are skewed,” she said. “Some say we’re behind by twenty points. Others say we’re only behind by five.”

“Great, so no matter which it is, we’re behind. No one disputes that. More than half the Cherubim population wants us dead. What the heck can we do?”

“Since we don’t even remember what our time in Hell was like, that’s probably the best gift in the world. Does anyone really want to remember Hell?

“How long were we in Hell?” I said. “Why don’t we remember Hell?”

“Sometimes I feel like I do remember it. That’s why it scares me so much. If God ever finds out about any of this, we’ll have Hell to pay. Literally.”

“Is there any way to find out about who we were when we were human?”

“Only Uncle Luke knows and my mother says he’ll never tell us. We’re devils out of Hell now and devils out of Hell we shall remain.”

“What is this room we’re in? What’s outside the door?”

“I sure don’t know that. You’ve been to Hell more times than me.”

“Let’s look,” I said.

“I don’t want to look. What if it looks like Hell? Like real Hell. Not just this room.”

“If I open the door just a crack to peek out, will you hold my hand to pull me back in case I start to fall in to it?”

“Into what?”

“Hell, or whatever’s out there.”

“Don’t be crazy, Sebastian. We have to figure out how to open our eyes so we can get back to the party and be snakes. Don’t you want to get snakey?”

I walked over to the door and she followed me. She put her hand out and I reached for it, but there was no hand there. I was just touching the air. She was like a hologram, not a solid person.

We looked at each other as our hands tried to grab onto each other’s, but we were waving our hands in the air. We were ghosts.

“Wow, you look so real,” I said. “Are you real or am I just dreaming you or something?”

“This is too weird,” she said. “Please don’t open the door.”

“I’m not even going to try and open the door now,” I said. “It’s too dangerous. How do we get out of this room?”

“All we have to do to get out of Hell is open our eyes,” she said. “But our eyes are already open, so I’m stumped.”

“No, they’re not,” I said. “I already learned this trick. Our physical eyes are actually closed. If we close our eyes really tight right now, tight as you can for just a second, then open them, we’ll be out of here.”


“I promise. That’s how I got out last time.”

“I’m ready if you are,” she said.

“Count of three. One. Two. Three.”

I clenched my eyelids shut and quickly reopened them.

And there I was, back in my snake skin, wrapped around Brandi who was also sporting scales.

I felt that rush of exhilaration from being in my snake skin. And Brandi’s skin on my skin made it all the better.

For a minute or so Brandi was all that existed. Slowly I became aware of my surroundings. We were on the stage in the convention hall, with a couple thousand people—all human devils—watching us.

Then I noticed the other weredevils on stage, all now in snake form.

Then I saw Uncle Luke, human, still in his coat and tie, standing before the microphone, holding his hand up to quiet the crowd.

The noise died down almost immediately.

Uncle Luke tapped the mic then leaned into it. “Our weredevils are all looking good,” he said. “Now, let’s show them what a wallow looks like. Everyone, find a partner, lie down and strip—not necessarily in that order.”

Clothes went flying. Watching human bodies transform into snakes was mesmerizing. It had never occurred to me how the transformation occurred. It began with the legs, with one leg growing immensely longer while the other was pulled into it. By the time only a tail remained, the body began to lengthen, pulling both arms into it as it stretched to five times it’s length. The genitals just flattened into the abdomen as the body stretched, then disappeared as the scale pattern and belly segmentation emerged.

At this point, a human head remained on a writhing snake body. The twisted lips appeared to indicate pain or at least grave mental distress, though there was no vocalized complaint or cry. The writhing of the body was more spastic than graceful, which tossed the head around like the head on a ragdoll. This looked uncomfortable.

I could now understand why the standard transforming position was lying down. The legs went first. Looking out over the sea of writhing snake bodies, human heads were bobbing on top like buoys on a choppy sea.

Finally, the heads started transforming from human faces to snake faces—the eyes becoming the eyes, the mouths the mouths—and as the human features disappeared, the snake heads became animated, turning this way and that, tongues aflutter.

I stopped focusing on the individual snakes transforming and took in the whole scene. Thousands of snakes, an undulating sea of snakes, twisting and weaving around each other. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.

Then suddenly my tongue caught a whiff of the fruit buffet that was spread on the tables, a buffet that was being discovered rapidly by the snakes. Heads began snapping at pears and apples, plums and peaches.

Brandi squeezed me with her body and then began to disentangle herself from me, looking me in the eyes as she did so. I knew what she was saying without words. She wanted to join the party, to get off the stage and onto the main floor where an orgy of slithering snakes was celebrating.

I let her go, content to just watch the show, or maybe afraid of what it might happen if I joined in. I’m not sure whether I was more interested in the abundant fruit or the squirming serpents. In all the online porn I’d viewed, I’d never before seen a serpent sex orgy with all the fruit you can eat. And now I was in the middle of one, happening live in front of my eyes

In the quiet of the spectacle, the wallowing snakes so silently exuberant, the weredevils, now all in snake form, one by one were drawn into the frolic, sliding from the stage into the soft moving mass of snake bodies.

When only Uncle Luke and I remained on stage—Uncle Luke the only devil still in human form—he nodded to me then quickly removed his clothing, lied down, and became a snake within a matter of seconds. Maybe two seconds. Three. That’s all.

He looked at me (and winked!) before he also disappeared into the snake pit.

I watched. This was my new life. In a matter of days, I’d gone from being just another confused teenager to this, a devil, a serpent, and one of the first human beings to be released from Hell.

And what would God think of this if he knew? Would he send us all back to Hell, a Hell we would never escape?

Such a hatred for God arose in me, and at the same time a feeling of love for the devils, for Uncle Luke and all of the Cherubim who’d suffered for so long. I thought about the humans, too—so many of them spending their lives attempting to earn a place in Heaven, only to find themselves condemned to eternal torture.

But I could no longer just watch this crazy slithering serpent dance. I slid down into the cool tingling comfort of the bodies of those who were, like me, escapees from Hell.

As I squirmed my way into the undulating mass of my snake brothers and sisters, I felt a sense of belonging for the first time in my life. I was with my kind and we loved one another with an unconditional love. We flowed over and around each other like water.

Suddenly a ripe plum was in front of my face and instinctively my jaws snapped at it and the sweet juices exploded in my mouth. I realized immediately that the plum had been purposely put in front of me by another snake. A gift.

I picked my head up and pushed through the writhing snakes to scan the room. It was a feeding frenzy on the fruit tables. I started snapping at the delicious bounty. I saw fruit flying through the air all around me—an apricot hit me on the side of my head. It was quickly snapped into the mouth of a snake beside me.

Flying fruit?

Yes, my snake people were throwing fruit through the air by using a crack-the-whip movement that snapped their heads at the moment they opened their jaws to release the squish-grenade. Their state of exhilaration was infectious.

I myself was too busy gorging myself to participate in this dissolute amusement. I’m sure there are devils dying of fruit starvation somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, but here, every fruit I’d ever heard of was on the tables in abundance, some whole, some sliced, some diced, some peeled, some pitted. They’re throwing them around, and I couldn’t swallow them down fast enough.

A quarter slice of cantaloupe went sailing over my head and I leapt up in time to grab it on the fly. Euphoria rushed through my skin. It was a great catch and I felt proud of myself. I wanted to start playing this game seriously.

I picked up a juicy Bartlett pear and attempted to crack my neck with sufficient force to throw it. My timing was off. The pear hung for a moment from one of my lower fangs that was skewering it, then fell into an anxiously waiting mouth a foot below me.

I grabbed a cumquat, thinking I should start with a smaller projectile until I’d mastered the technique.

Suddenly, I noticed that the whole room seemed to be moving. Every snake body was heading in the same direction—toward the wide hallway that led to the kitchen … no doubt to the oven door that gave access to the Hollows.

I tossed the cumquat with a half-hearted jerk of my head and it went flying as if it had been launched from a slingshot. It soared across the room for what seemed like forever until it was picked off by a snake as it descended.

Hey, I’m just getting good at this fruit-flinging game. Can’t we play this for a while longer?

Then again, what the hell is wallowing? It sounds like maybe we’ll be doing it with the girls and there will be physical contact involved. Fuck the cumquats. I grabbed a banana, gulped it down, and headed for the hallway. I let myself go with the flow.

Into the hallway, squeezing through the kitchen door, the whole mass of us aimed at that now wide-open oven door, it was so tight going into the oven—way too many of us trying to squish through at once—that I couldn’t move at all. I just let myself be pushed and pulled by the momentum of my fellow travelers. The fact is the all-enveloping friction of the snake bodies was pleasurable beyond belief.

Once through the door itself, we found ourselves going down at a steep angle, down, down, at a breathtakingly fast clip. The smell of the damp earth and the rotting old tree roots, the underground rodents and insects was overpowered by the pheromones of the female snakes I was following. I could taste them. I was getting closer to them.

As we entered a large cavernous grotto where I could hear water dripping and echoing from the walls and ceiling, I tasted the air for Brandi, whose pheromones I knew well and whom I hadn’t seen since she’d abandoned me on stage.

Amidst the taste of a thousand females, I found one I knew, another weredevil—Tiffany, the girl who in human form had the large breasts. The last time I saw her she was holding hands with Deco and my sister just before we all transformed with our partners. As I started to slide over and through the snakes around me, moving in her direction, I sensed she was also moving toward me. I was glad she’d ditched Deco, and equally glad she’d ditched my sister.

As I made my way to Tiffany, whom I couldn’t see, simply following her pheromones, I slithered against all of the female snakes whose pheromones were arousing me. And they went out of their way to slither against me. This was an orgy, the closest we would ever come to having sex, having no genitals, having no capacity for a climax, our entire bodies being erogenous zones, just a never-ending buildup of lust.

Tiffany and I intertwined our bodies as soon as we touched our faces, brushing our sensitive cheeks against each other’s and sliding all the way down each other’s body from neck to tail.

Despite the pile of snakes we were squirming around with, we focused on each other, but always cognizant of the delightful (and unavoidable) skin-to-skin contact with our devil family sliding beneath, beside, around, and above us.

For the first time in my life I felt I’d attained the pinnacle of happiness, only to reach a new pinnacle moments later, again and again … an ever-building overwhelming emotional elation. Whatever Heaven was, could it be better than this?

I lost track of time. There was the whole of Cherubim creation surrounding me. Tiffany and I were tying ourselves into knots. Tight knots. Squeezing each other with every muscle we had. It was a bondage game with unlimited variations.

I had a sudden urge to suck on her tail, which I felt would be like sucking on both nipples and a clitty simultaneously. She had wound herself into a position which made her unable to move and gave me easy access to her tail. But could I catch it? The only way I could accurately describe the movements of her tail would be to say it was snaky. Real snaky.

And suddenly, there was Uncle Luke. He had wrapped himself around us and seemed to be enjoying a game he was playing of squeezing until we broke out of our trance and acknowledged him. Fucking spoilsport!

Neither Tiffany nor I were capable of speaking yet, and although Uncle Luke was able to speak, he didn’t find words necessary. By the way he looked each of us in the eyes in turn, then cocked his head, we both knew he was saying, “Follow me.”

Unwrapping himself from us, he skimmed over the rippling snake carpet, headed in the direction of the tunnel that went back up to the convention hall.

Tiffany and I disentangled ourselves, laughing at the knot we’d gotten into and now had to get out of quickly, savoring these last few moments of skin-to-skin. I guess it just wasn’t my day to get snaketail. We hurried after Uncle Luke who had a big head start on us.

How long had we been tying each other up? It seemed not more than a few moments, yet also like many hours. I had been on some deep level of snake communication with her, entirely pheromone driven, and had Uncle Luke not interrupted, I’m sure we would be there still.

Uncle Luke stopped when he got to a plateau that led directly to the egress. He went to the highest point where he could look out over the sea of snakes before him.

He let out a loud hiss. It echoed and reechoed from the cavern walls. He layered hisses upon echoing hisses until the writhing mass of snake bodies slowed to stillness, then heads began popping up to look in his direction.

When he had the room’s attention, he scanned the crowd as the echoing hisses grew fainter, then cocked his head in that way that said to everyone, “Follow me.” And he started up the dirt ramp that led to the oven door through which we would be returning to the convention hall, then back to human form, and to Earth as humans knew it.

We did not move quickly. Uncle Luke’s pace was slow and leaving the Hollows was a sad occasion. Life as a snake in the Hollows with other snakes was pure pleasure. Now we had to go back to human bodies and all the social constrictions of humans, always being careful not to be caught, or even suspected of being devils.

Eventually all two thousand of us were back in the party room, though it took us a long time to get there. I don’t know how long. My internal human timeclock wasn’t working when I was in snake form. I know I was copping feels from all the girl snakes and they were not only accepting this wanton behavior, they were instigating it as much as I was. The floor was littered with a mess of cast-off clothing, which we all ignored, not ready to think about clothes yet.

The fruit tables once again became the focus of attention. Instantly, we went from groping to gorging. Even as I swallowed down apple after pear after diced honeydew melon, I knew I would be in digestive distress when I returned to human form.

Uncle Luke went to the podium and tapped the microphone with his nose to test it. It was on.

He hissed into the mic and the response from the crowd was immediate—two thousand snakes hissing in a closed room with a high ceiling. It was deafening and at the same time exhilarating. I joined in as did Tiffany who was still beside me. We were not intertwined, but we were rubbing ourselves on each other very deliberately and not discreetly.

That’s when I saw Brandi, and she saw me. She had no doubt been looking for me as we came through Hell together to get into snake form, so she might assume we’d go back through Hell together to get back to human form.

Except that now I was hoping to go through Hell with Tiffany.

Brandi had her own ideas. She looked pleased to see Tiffany and me together and immediately started spiraling around us, pushing us closer together while rubbing herself all over both of us.

It was occurring to me that I could go through Hell with both of them. It would be my first threesome. And when we came out of Hell together in human form we’d all be naked. The idea was appealing to me more and more.

Except that a couple thousand people would be looking at us. Of course, they would all be devils in human form and also naked. This food orgy could turn into a sex orgy. Uncle Luke said I would fuck all the girls. Is this where it starts?

Just as I was warming up to the idea of going through Hell then back to Earth with two girls, here comes Deco.

Deco, as a snake, had the same “cute” quality he had as a human. That crazy smile like he had a big secret he could hardly hold in. He had being cute down to an art form. Human girls thought he was adorable, and female snakes did as well. The best way to describe Deco as a snake is that his patterns were cute, his face was cute, his crazy smile was cute. He was just one cutie pie of a snake.

But damn it, I didn’t want Deco showing up! I wanted two girls to myself this time. He had two girls last time, one of them Tiffany and the other my sister. Why didn’t he just stay with my sister? It was my turn for Tiffany.

The way Brandi was looking at me, I could tell she knew exactly what I was thinking. Uh-oh. Is she pissed?

She quickly unwrapped herself from me and Tiffany and started flirting with Deco. Wow. A class act. I definitely was going to have to suck her tail.

A lot of the snakes were already squirming around in twos and threes, going into their transformations. I looked at Tiffany and nodded. It was time to be human again.

I made my way back to the stage, knowing that that’s where my clothes were. She followed me, seeing that a number of the other weredevils had already gone onto the stage.

I stopped where my clothes were. Tiffany slithered up next to me and almost as soon as I closed my eyes I found myself back in the bare room with a door.

I was in human form and standing upright, and naked. She was also. We were facing each other about six feet apart. Damn. She really did have large breasts.

“Hey,” she said softly. “I’m up here.”

“Oh,” I said. “Sorry.”

“This is the problem with human men,” she said. “When we were snakes you weren’t staring at my tits.”

“You didn’t have tits when you were a snake. But did you notice I kept staring at your horns?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did. You have the most beautiful horns when you’re in snake form. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.”

“Really? Is that why you kept licking them?” she said.

“I was obsessed with them. I’d never seen such beautiful horns.”

“I’ve never looked in a mirror when I was a snake. Never had the opportunity and the thought of it kind of scares me. Now I’m blushing.”

“Thank you for letting me lick them,” I said.

“Do you have to be such a gentleman? I like tough guys. You’re a lot tougher when you’re a snake.”

“I’ll try to work on my machismo,” I said. “Do you like crude language as well?”

“Love it.”

“Okay, I’ll work on that too. As for our current predicament, in order to return to Earth we have to close our eyes tight and then open them. That’s all there is to it.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m just enjoying these last few moments in Hell. I can hardly believe I’m enjoying being in Hell. It sure is better when you’re with another devil. At least in this waiting room. How come we’re the only two in here? Where’s everybody else? Are there thousands of waiting rooms like this in Hell? I wish we could stay being snakes. Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it,” I said. “I think we should lay down on the floor next to each other.”

We did, and without waiting or even counting to three, I squeezed my eyes closed. I’d learned to like Hell. Or, at least, I liked Hell with a date. I felt depressed about the prospect of returning to Earth as a mere human again. Or at least, I felt depressed until I opened my eyes and found myself lying naked beside Tiffany.

She spoke first. “I’m never going to Hell alone again,” she said.

We were only about two feet apart. I reached my hand toward her slowly, wondering if she would say something or roll away from me. I touched her side and she looked at my eyes.

“You’re thinking dirty thoughts,” she said.

“I’m thinking you’re beautiful,” I said, starting to trace my fingertips lightly up her ribcage. I stopped before I got to her breast.

“Don’t push your luck,” she said.

“Uncle Luke said we’re going to fuck,” I said.

“Are you practicing your crude language now?”

“No, I’m thinking now might be a good time.”

“Are you thinking we’re on stage,” she said, “and a couple thousand people are watching us?”

“No,” I said. “I wasn’t thinking of that. Did you have to remind me?”

“Do you know where your clothes are?”

“I’m lying on top of them,” I said.

“Well, mine are in a neat pile right above and behind your head. Could you please hand them to me?”

“You mean I’m not going to fuck you now?”

“Yes. That’s what I mean.”

I sat up and found the neat pile of clothes she was talking about and set them in front of her. “I’m going to call you next week,” I said. “We should meet in the orchard.” I picked up my own clothes, knowing the weredevil party was now officially over.

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