Transplant — Chapter Ten

by Arnold Snyder


I wheeled Dusty out onto my balcony where she normally spent her days and nights, but before I could move her from the wheelchair, she stopped me.

No. Take me into the bedroom. I want to sleep with you tonight.

Her words stopped me cold. In one sense, I felt scared. What was she expecting of me? In another sense, she’d said exactly what I’d been hoping she’d say. I wheeled her into the bedroom and stopped right next to the bed. “How’s this?” I said.

Place me on the bed.

I did as she asked, carefully lifting her pot from the wheelchair seat and placing it on the bed. She looked so pretty in her colorful scarf. I touched her lightly and said once more, “How’s this?”

Why do you always touch my breasts when we talk?

My fingertips were on the same two large leaves I learned to touch when Megan first showed me how to communicate with Dusty. “I like touching you like this,” I said. “Do you not like it?”

Oh, no, I like it a lot. Do you like my breasts?

“They’re very beautiful.”

Would other men find them beautiful?

“I’m sure they would.” I wondered if Megan knew that Dusty considered these leaves her breasts. I wondered how much Megan had talked with Dusty. Maybe Megan could tell me things I should know about her, important things.

Would you caress them for me?

I started stroking the leaves gently. “Like that?” I said.

Yes, like that. That feels so good. Will you undress me?

I started to unwrap the silk scarf I’d draped around her, but her thorns kept snagging the cloth. The small thorns on the edges of her leaves were the problem. The tips were curled, designed to grab. I worked the scarf off slowly, trying to prevent any major rips in the silk. I finally managed to get it off her with a hundred tiny snags and only a few minor tears in the fabric.

Then I removed her felt beret with no major problems, and I started to loosen the belt I’d cinched her with days earlier.

No. Tighten the belt. Don’t remove it.

“But I want to see you naked,” I said.

She didn’t say anything right away, but after a few moments she said, Men. You’re all alike. Go ahead. Have your way with me.

I removed the belt and stood back a step just to gaze at her. She was naked in my bed. It had been too long since I’d had a girl in my bed.

Am I beautiful?

“Yes, you are. Very beautiful.”

Do you think I’m sexy?

“Incredibly,” I said. “You have a dynamite body.”

Touch my breasts again.

Once more, I started stroking the two large leaves.

Will you touch my nipples?

I looked at those huge brown thorns at the tips of the leaves. Did I dare?

Please, Morgan, touch my nipples, very gently.

I touched around the edges of the thorns, careful to avoid the needle-sharp tips.

Yes, yes, squeeze them between your fingers.

“Like this?” I said, as I lightly squeezed the hard sides of the thorns.

Yes, yes! Oh, Morgan, suck on them. Please, suck on my nipples.

I looked at the thorns, trying to determine if either of them looked any less dangerous. So long as I didn’t allow one of them to stab my tongue, I’d be okay. But the ridges of smaller thorns with the twisted tips on the edges of the leaves would wreak havoc on my lips and the corners of my mouth if I wasn’t careful.

Please, Morgan, please, I’m begging you. I’ve never been with a man before. Only in my dreams and fantasies. I’m a virgin, so be gentle, go slow, don’t hurt me.

Is she expecting me to fuck her?

Suck my titties, damn it!

I got down on my haunches beside the bed and placed my lips very carefully around one of the big thorns. I sucked lightly on it. I could feel the needle-sharp tip on my tongue.

Yes! Yes! Suck harder! Bite it! I want to feel your teeth!

I bit down lightly on the thorn.

Oh Morgan, I’ve waited all my life for you! Now suck on the other one!

I placed the other thorn in my mouth and gave it the same sucking/biting treatment while Dusty squealed with delight.

Yes, yes, yes! Now take me! Violate me! Use me for your pleasure. Fuck me, Morgan! Fuck me!

I stood up and looked at her. How in God’s name do I fuck her? She has nothing even vaguely resembling an orifice that I can see. I’ll be damned if I’ll get my dick anywhere near her thorns.

Take your clothes off, Morgan. I want to see your body. I want to see your manhood.

I undressed slowly, trying to think of some way to have sex with her. I was stumped. I finished removing my clothes, tossing my boxers onto the floor, still not certain what I could do to satisfy her.

Why isn’t your dick hard?

I looked down to see that she was right.

I’m naked on your bed and you’ve just been sucking on my beautiful tits and I’m offering myself to you and you can’t even get it up?

“But, sometimes it takes me a bit longer,” I said.

I don’t turn you on! Admit it! You want a real woman!

“No, Dusty, that’s not true. I’m crazy about you. You’re the most beautiful agave in the world—”

But it’s a woman you want! Get me out of this bed! Now! This whole relationship is a sham! Now! I want to go back to my balcony. And put the belt back on me. Tight. Real tight. Make me bleed. Now!

“But, Dusty—”

Shut up! Just put me back on my balcony and leave me alone!

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