Who’s to Blame for the Immigration Fiasco? Ronald Reagan

Let’s consider the traditional Republican view of illegal immigration. It was the Republicans that started illegal immigration as a specific financial strategy back in the late 60s and early 70s. The Democrats vehemently opposed it. How do I know this? Because I moved to California in 1967 and it was big news there for many years.

The billionaires who own most of the land in California and especially the really valuable land in the wine country hired (legal) Mexican immigrants to pick grapes because they would work for beans and had few protections against abuse.

The hero of the Mexican farm workers back then was Cesar Chavez who started the United Farm Workers (UFW), a union to negotiate for fair pay and better working conditions. Unfortunately, the governor of California was a Republican who hated Chavez and hated unions—Ronald Reagan.

The billionaire land owners told Reagan they were sick of Chavez and his attempts to upgrade the working conditions of the grape pickers, so when the UFW started calling for strikes and picketing, Reagan started allowing illegal immigrants across the border to work as scabs. You can read about this in Wikipedia. Here’s part of what Wikipedia says:

In 1969, Chavez and members of the UFW marched through the Imperial and Coachella Valleys to the border of Mexico to protest growers’ use of illegal immigrants as strikebreakers. Joining him on the march were Reverend Ralph Abernathy and U.S. Senator Walter Mondale [Democratic Senator from Minnesota, later Vice President under Jimmy Carter]. In its early years, the UFW and Chavez went so far as to report illegal immigrants who served as strikebreaking replacement workers (as well as those who refused to unionize) to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.   In 1973, the United Farm Workers set up a “wet line” along the United States-Mexico border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States illegally and potentially undermining the UFW’s unionization efforts. During one such event, in which Chavez was not involved, some UFW members, under the guidance of Chavez’s cousin Manuel, physically attacked the strikebreakers after peaceful attempts to persuade them not to cross the border failed.

Though Chavez died in 1993, he is still widely regarded as a hero by Mexicans in the U.S. (though I suspect many Democrats today would be calling him a Nazi for his position on illegal immigrants and his strong-arm tactics). Ultimately, he lost his fight to keep the illegal immigrants from coming in. The billionaires got what they wanted because Republican governors in border states catered to the billionaires and special interests that were funding them.

Reagan went from being Governor of California to President of the United States in 1981. The Democrats kept screaming about the illegal immigrants flooding into the country. Reagan had a Democrat-controlled house throughout his presidency that worked for five years to get a comprehensive immigration bill passed that would make it a crime punishable by hefty fines for employers to hire illegal immigrants. Corporations — and especially the Chamber of Commerce — opposed this vehemently and Reagan continually threatened to veto the bill. (The bill did have some Republican backers, as all Republicans at this time were not in the pockets of the lobbyists. Nor were all the Democrats.)

The Democrats felt that if they made it a crime for employers to hire illegal immigrants, the Republicans would stop trying to bring them into the country. In the 1980s, Democrats were the champions of the poor and the working class, and their perspective on Illegal immigrants was the same as Cesar Chavez’s. Employers wanted cheap labor and there was no cheaper labor than illegals who had no rights.

But the billionaires had Reagan in their pocket. A version of the bill was finally passed and signed by Reagan in 1986 that made his rich buddies happy. The final bill contained an “affirmative defense” clause, that Reagan insisted upon if the Democrats wanted to avoid his veto, that explicitly released employers from any obligation to check the authenticity of workers’ documents. In other words, if an illegal used fake ID, the employer couldn’t be held accountable. The worker could be arrested, jailed or deported, but the business owner was just an innocent victim. This made Reagan’s backers happy because fake IDs were a dime a dozen and all the employer had to do was have a photocopy of a fake ID on file. There has been a booming business in fake green cards and fake social security cards for illegal immigrants ever since. Thank you, President Reagan.

The truth of it is the billionaires want slaves and illegal residents with no rights are as close to slaves as you can get in this country. The really sad fact is that it’s pretty damn close to actual slavery. The abuse of illegal immigrant workers by their employers, landlords and others the immigrants must deal with in this country is despicable. The rich people are happy. They have their slaves back. The lucky ones are using leaf blowers and cooking breakfast in Beverly Hills for their generous Hollywood celebrity “clients.”

The billionaires who owned Reagan also didn’t like the fact that they would lose the estimated 3 to 4 million illegal immigrants currently in the country, as they feared Congress would start taking steps (according to federal law) to have them deported. The fake IDs would be useless if the immigrants disappeared. So, the other clause in the bill that Reagan insisted upon in order to get his signature instead of his veto gave amnesty to the estimated 3 to 4 million illegal immigrants that were currently living in the U.S. This made the billionaires happy because even though they would have preferred illegals — who had no rights and no protections under US labor laws — the immigrants were still mostly uneducated poor people, many of whom would remain so throughout their lives, and they would have great difficulties trying to unionize or use labor laws to their advantage (as Cesar Chavez discovered). Also, giving amnesty to the illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. would inspire more illegal immigrants to enter, as they would be encouraged that amnesty was something they could look forward to.

Reagan’s argument for giving amnesty to the Illegal immigrants was that it was the humanitarian thing to do, since our country is so rich and Americans are so generous. This was difficult for the Democrats to argue against, as their entire “image” as a political party was based on their concern for the common people.

So, the Democrats gave in on this also and allowed amnesty for the illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. This amnesty feature — that wasn’t even on the table of the final bill — was so radical and unexpected that the bill which had been named the “Simpson-Mazzoli Act” after the Senator and Congressman who sponsored it, became more widely known as the “Reagan Amnesty Act.”

George H.W. Bush, elected in 1989, succeeded Reagan as president. The Reagan Amnesty Act which Democrats hoped would stop the illegal immigration did absolutely nothing to stop it, as Reagan and his billionaire buddies knew it wouldn’t. It simply created a lucrative fake ID business, as illegals now had to purchase these IDs on the black market at very high prices. According to Pew Research, by 1990, there were another 3.5 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

Clinton succeeded Bush in 1993, and by the time Clinton left office in 2000, there were 8.6 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. This was Reagan’s legacy. His billionaire buddies wanted a slave class and he gave it to them.

Clinton was followed by George W. Bush in 2001. Bush-2 talked a good game on illegal immigration. He was the first president to use the term “catch and release” to define the unspoken policy that had been in place, he said (quite honestly), for decades, and which he said he would put an end to. Except for the fact that — according to Pew — by 2007, the number of illegals living in the U.S. had hit an all-time high of 12.2 million.

Democrats in the Senate, including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and many others, continued throughout Bush’s presidency to call him out on his hypocritical immigration stance — claiming to oppose illegal immigration, but doing nothing substantial to thwart it. Democrats knew, and had known since the days of Cesar Chavez, that the only reason Republicans wanted the illegal aliens was for cheap labor. It violated the rights of the poor and working classes who were American citizens. Unemployment in the inner cities had been high for decades and everyone knew it was the “new slaves” taking so many working class jobs, especially in farming, construction, the service industries and factory work. Here’s Senator Obama in 2005 complaining about Bush’s hypocritical stance on illegal immigrants:

Obama became president in 2009, pledging to pass real immigration reform, but he changed his tune when Citizens United passed in 2010. The Democrats had allegedly opposed Citizens United, which took all restrictions off of donations from corporations and billionaires and the Democrats started getting huge funding via super pacs from the same corporate lobbyists as the Republicans because big business wanted the cheap labor. Obama and many of the top Democrats sold out the party and the dream of Cesar Chavez, as well as the lives of all the poor and working classes in America.

Obama expanded the catch and release system with a policy that any illegal immigrants who entered with children had to be released into the general public with their children within 20 days of being caught. As there was a huge backlog of dealing with illegal immigrants, Obama’s version of catch and release started flooding the country with illegal immigrants that never even had a hearing. This policy resulted in thousands of children “disappearing” when the alleged parents never showed up for their hearings. But were these really parents with children? There were reports from Mexico that professional smugglers would sneak immigrants into the U.S. for a fee, often more than $1000 per person. There were parents who paid smugglers their asking fee, as the smugglers promised to deliver their children to friends or relatives already living in the U.S. I remember reading about these thousands of undocumented children who had “disappeared” in 2014-15. I don’t ever recall reading about any of them ever being found.

Unfortunately, the Democrats who used to support the UFW in its attempts to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country have become basically the same as Republicans. Most of the members of the Senate and Congress—Republicans and Democrats—who have been in office any length of time are multimillionaires with vast stock holdings in many of the same companies and are lobbied by the same lobbyists to keep the cheap labor supply. But the Democrats’ other agenda is that they believe all of these illegals will become Democrat voters if they can just get them amnesty and eventually turn them into US citizens.

What I’m saying here, in fact, is what everybody already knows. Everybody knows the Republican agenda has always been to get as much cheap labor into this country as possible, by hook or by crook. Damn the federal laws, full steam ahead. Everybody knows the Democrats agenda is to get as many Democrat votes into this country as possible, by hook or by crook. Damn the federal laws, full steam ahead.

But they’re all doing it, allegedly, out of the goodness of their hearts, their concern for the poor refugees who need our love and compassion and food stamps and shitty jobs that exploit them and our private prison cells where they get free room and board. We love these illegal immigrants so much it breaks our hearts to see them rejected.

The UFW is still active but now they are pro-illegal-immigrant. The wise-ass billionaires thought they were importing a slave class. Now we’ve got to deal with slave uprisings. We can’t blame the immigrants for coming here. We gave them hope. Freedom. That’s all they wanted. And for many of them, what they find here is better than what they had wherever they came from. Mexico is a scary place to live. There’s corruption in the government, the police forces, the military, collusion with the drug cartels at the highest levels. If I lived in Mexico, I would definitely try to escape.

But neither the traditional Republicans nor the Democrats give a flying fuck about the fact that the illegals often live in squalor because the jobs they get pay so bad. Many of them also wind up incarcerated, a boon to the “private prison” industry, owned and operated by the billionaire class, but paid for by the common people as our tax dollars go to paying those billionaires for feeding and housing and guarding all those illegal aliens for us.

Here’s fun exercise:  Do searches on terms like: Who owns the private prisons? (How surprising that it’s big conglomerates of financial institutions and billionaires.) How much profit is there for the owners of the private prisons? (Gee, I never would have guessed it was hundreds of millions per year per prison.) How many private prisons are there? (Guess before you google it.) How many immigrants are in the private prisons? (That many? Really?) How many of these immigrants in the private prisons are undocumented? (90%? Really?) Who pays for the private prisons? (Oh, I see. We pay our taxes and our taxes are used to give the billionaire owners of these prisons about $60,000 per inmate per year to be fed slop and housed in cement boxes on cots. Gee, I wonder if that’s why the billionaires are making such huge profits?)

The real scam with the private prison industry is that before the billionaires invest a single penny into building one of these concentration camps, the government must GUARANTEE to provide them with 80% to 100% occupancy. So, if crime goes down, our tax dollars will still go to paying these billionaires as if their prisons are full. So, we may as well just keep the crime rates high. One good way to keep the crime rate up — let the criminals from other countries provide the inmates the billionaires need to keep their profits soaring. We’ve been letting illegal immigrants into the country specifically because billionaires need criminals for the lucrative private prison industry.

Nor do the Democrats or traditional Republicans care that the illegal immigrants end up competing with blacks and Hispanics and poor whites and push these actual American citizens into unemployment and homelessness because employers simply prefer workers they can use however they want and pay them less for more work. It makes life a lot easier if you can have a slave instead of an employee. Thank you, Ronald Reagan, the “Great Communicator.”

Why do the Koch brothers spend millions lobbying for open borders? Why have the Koch brothers pledged to spend $100 million in the coming midterm election to promote anti-Trump Republicans? Recently, the Koch brothers have announced that they will also be giving money to open-border-policy Democrats! Just like George Soros gives bundles of money to “traditional” anti-Trump Republicans. The Koch brothers have the same agenda as George Soros and the other billionaire deep pockets who are fighting to get more and more uneducated unskilled laborers into the U.S. From the perspective of big business, you just can’t have too many slaves.

Why do you think “conservative” millionaire pundits like George Will and Krauthammer, etc. vehemently opposed Trump? Why are millionaire Republican Senators and Congressmen constantly railing against Trump? Why did the Bushes say they’d be voting for Hilary in 2016?

In fact, Trump was a Democrat all his life. He donated money to Democrats his whole life (including Hilary Clinton in 2008). But when he saw that the Democratic party had become just another arm of the billionaires and special interests, he decided to take them all on in 2016. As the billionaire who won’t play ball with the other billionaires, he has ruined the (traditional) Republican party. Unless Trump is either impeached or assassinated soon, it will never be the same.

But the Democratic party was ruined by the Clintons and Obama and all the other scum that caved to the money interests. It’s hard for me to believe that in my lifetime I saw the Democrats become the party of the elites while the Republicans are right now, before our eyes, becoming the party of the common people. Try and digest the fact that Hilary Clinton’s 2016 campaign spent $1.2 billion (most of it from banks, corporations and billionaire donors through super pacs), while Trump’s campaign spent less than one-third that amount, mostly from small individual donations. (The Democrats allegedly opposed Citizens United. And the first chance they got, they tried to buy an election!)

Illegal immigrants are used as cheap labor all over the country now, not just in California picking grapes. They’re the perfect employees from the business owners’ perspective. You can work them long hours with no overtime pay and dock their pay any amount at any time for any reason (or no reason) and they can’t complain. You can fire them on the spot. They have no rights. Their English is substandard and they don’t even know what U.S. labor laws are and it doesn’t matter because our labor laws don’t apply to anyone in the U.S. illegally. You can beat them, abuse them, sexually molest them, and they can’t complain. The EEOC doesn’t represent illegal immigrants. If they complain to any government agency about anything, they’re liable to be arrested and deported and this is the threat their employers hold over them.

But what the Democrats and traditional (elitist) Republicans have done is turn the immigrants’ story into a story of people who need our help, people whose lives we can make better because we’re such a rich and prosperous and generous nation of goodhearted people. The same argument Reagan used when he granted amnesty to the illegal immigrants in this country in 1986. Ronald Reagan — such a warm and caring and generous man. Meanwhile, George Soros and the Koch Bros are waking up to wet dreams and popping the corks on bottles of Dom for breakfast. There are now rank and file Democrats screaming for open borders.

But according to the U.S. Department of HUD, there are an estimated 554,000 homeless people living in the U.S. Many of these are people living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans, panhandling, many turning to alcohol and drugs and theft and prostitution. As if the U.S. is really able to take in refugees from other countries and care for them. What a crock. We can’t even take care of our own.

Cesar Chavez was right and he was a true hero of his people. We shouldn’t be allowing immigrants into the country for the financial gain of the few billionaires while the poor in our country get the raw end of the deal. If the billionaires who were paying off the politicians were footing the bill for the immigrants, if the billionaires were bringing the immigrants into their neighborhoods and not stuffing them into our overcrowded inner cities where our poor and working class families are already struggling, if the private prisons they built were truly nonprofit facilities because they wanted to donate some of their disgusting wealth to relieving the burden on the taxpayers who must foot the bill for the state and federal prisons, then maybe I’d believe that they were doing this out of the goodness of their obscenely wealthy hearts. (Granted, the wealthy have allowed a leaf-blower class and a nanny class into their posh neighborhoods which they feel is evidence enough that they are doing their part.)

The Democrat and Republican overlords who take money from these billionaires are the true heartless racists. Their evil scheme to reap $$$ rewards from the abuse and suffering of not only the illegal immigrants, but the blacks and Hispanics and poor whites in our inner-city slums should be a huge scandal.

But don’t expect the mainstream media to ever tell it like it is. The same people who own the politicians own the media and the evil racist liars in the media who are being paid off by the same billionaires are just as guilty as the politicians who are doing everything they can to keep cramming more and more slaves into our country. It’s all to make the rich richer. When the media was truly “liberal” and “progressive,” they spent 40 years berating Reagan for what he did to this country. Now, the new media, under the ownership and control of their billionaire stock holders, seem to have forgotten history.

The media keep running stories about how it doesn’t make sense that Trump’s approval ratings keep going up despite the horrible press assaults on him. Trump’s efforts to put an end to the immigration scam are nothing short of heroic, and it doesn’t matter how much the media portrays him as the bad guy. The people have seen with their own eyes what he’s done for them and for their living conditions. He’s brought real jobs to the inner cities and higher wages. He’s following through on his promise to rid neighborhoods of vicious gangs, gangs the billionaires and millionaires never see because gangs stay out of those gated, security-patrolled neighborhoods. Working class people are feeling hope again. I suspect the Democrats will lose a lot of the black and Hispanic vote in 2020.

But the immigration scam was only one small reason I voted for Trump in 2016, (after donating to Bernie and even caucusing for Bernie in Nevada!). My hatred for the crooks who run the Democrat and Republican parties goes much deeper than the sick immigration scam. See Why a Hardcore Bernie Bro Voted for Donald Trump.

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